Arabian rice

The Cuisine of Saudi Arabia

Posted on September 7, 2018

If you plan on travelling to Saudi Arabia then, like any travelling to any country, you should know what to expect in terms of what food is on offer to visitors. There are many reasons to visit Saudi Arabia and trying the food should be a top priority. Traditional foods Saudi Arabia is a country that only recently (relatively speaking) came into its wealth through the discovery of oil. As such it is only in about the last 80 yearsRead More

Riyadh City

Saudi Arabia Travel Advice

Posted on September 2, 2018

Saudi Arabia is located in the middle east just west of the country of Oman, that shares borders with Iraq and Yemen. Known as the birthplace of Islam, the country has a long and detailed religious heritage and is the home of Mecca, a place to which all able-bodied Muslims must attempt pilgrimage, though even if you aren’t making the pilgrimage, there is much you can do and many reasons to travel there. Now should you ever find yourself travellingRead More

Mecca Saudi Arabia

What Saudi Arabia is Famous For

Posted on July 28, 2018

Saudi Arabia has many aspects they’re famous for, including religious monuments, its place within the global oil empire and the countries rich cultural history. Saudi Arabia is a history lover’s premier travel destination, and knowing what Saudi Arabia is famous for will help you make the best of your vacation. Saudi Arabia’s Place in the Global Economy Saudi Arabia controls about 22% of oil reserves in the world. Globally, Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of petroleum and nearly halfRead More

Saudi Arabia Mega Projects

Posted on July 16, 2018

Saudi Arabia uses extreme budgets to complete megaprojects each year. With over 80 megaprojects in the works currently, these projects should all see completion before the year 2030. As part of the Middle East’s largest host of projects, these megaprojects will affect the entire region’s economy significantly. An Underground for the Capital The Capital of Saudi Arabia is Riyadh, and it’s getting an underground. The underground system has a budget of £17 billion and will see completion in less thanRead More

Jeddah: Everything You Need to Know About Saudi Arabia’s Second City

Posted on June 14, 2018

Many first-time travellers to Saudi Arabia may find themselves drawn towards the glistening capital city of Riyadh. Riyadh is a bustling megalopolis. With its shimmering skyscrapers, luxury villas and boutique shopping facilities, the glamorous capital feels like Saudi’s answer to Dubai. Here, consumerism and the ideology of leading a luxury lifestyle go hand in hand with being a resident. But what about those travellers that want to gain a more cultural experience when travelling in this mysterious nation? For thoseRead More

Why Saudi Arabia Should Be On Your Travel Bucket List

Posted on May 14, 2018

Visiting Saudi Arabia isn’t necessarily the usual destination choice for an annual vacation. That isn’t really for any derogatory reason, just for the fact that it is a nation that is relatively shrouded in mystery from an international perspective, and which didn’t open up its doors to the prospect of international tourism until recently. With that considered, a visit to the Saudi kingdom can make for a “once in a lifetime” that all of your friends and family will beRead More

What to Expect When Visiting Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Posted on May 14, 2018

Just 70km from the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah awaits Mecca, the holiest city in Islam. If you are a Muslim traveller, then paying a visit here will likely be something that has been on your bucket list for some time, and will hold real personal value to you. If you are not Muslim or even religious, you may think that a trip to Mecca isn’t for you or that it is inappropriate for you to travel there. This couldn’tRead More

Saudi Arabia Packing List

Posted on May 14, 2018

It can be difficult to figure out what to pack for overseas travel, particularly when the travel involves visiting a country with a completely different culture and climate to that which we are used to. This Saudi Arabia packing guide will help you to ensure you have everything you need during your time in the exotic kingdom. Clothing Considerations in Saudi Arabia Temperatures The most important part of planning what to pack for your Saudi Arabia trip is deciding whatRead More

10 Things You Must See in Saudi Arabia

Posted on May 14, 2018

For many, Saudi Arabia is a country shrouded in mystery, a destination that they never dreamed that they would be able to visit. Indeed it is only a recent development that the Saudi government have decided to open their doors to international tourists. Though little is known about Saudi Arabia, it is a country rich in history and culture that offers a unique and fulfilling travel experience. Have you established that you would like to visit Saudi Arabia but youRead More